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Sustainably Sources Ingredients

When dealing with essential oils, using the highest quality oils are of utmost importance. We use pure essential oils always and the best quality fractionated coconut oils to blend with. You can rely on our quality guarantee.

Canadian Made

All of our products are carefully selected from around the world and brought to Canada, where we take pride in offering you a high quality product that’s fully made in Canada. 

Handmade with love

When QK started, it began with making our own blends for daily use for friends and family based on their needs. We pride ourselves on keeping everything handmade and will even make something customized just for you if you like!

Roller bottles blends for emotional support from essential oils.

 Roll on our Holistic blends to help you through life’s challenges.

You’ll love our body care products! Try them!

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  • Emotional Essential Oil Blends


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  • Emotional Essential Oil Blends


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Our customers mean the world to us! Here’s what some of them are saying about QK!

Carly P


Quintessential K has quickly become one of my essentials in my daily life and routine. Whether it’s peppermint for my aching head or a roller to help with digestion. I swear by all of these products as they have become such a vital component to my health and emotional wellbeing. 

Lauren W


Quintessential K is amazing! It has been pretty inspiring to watch and hear about Kim and her journey to follow her passion. You can trust you are getting well sourced products and blends that do what they say they do. The smells are beautiful and I use my rollers everyday. 

Thelma C

Bengough, Sask

i am using the Magnesium Balm Kim, it’s the only thing that stops the sore muscles in my arms i love  it!


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How to Use Essential Oils: Beginners Guide

Now that you have made your decision, you may be wondering where to start. My advice will always be, first ensure you are using oils that are ethically sourced. Meaning that the oils you are using were obtained in a responsible sustainable way, that the workers involved in the farming, extracting and processing were all treated fairly and work in safe conditions. Ethically sourced means that the environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration. Essential Oils come from all over the world and we must ensure our neighbours, who play a vital role in ensuring the best quality oil is brought to you and I, are thriving and taken care of.

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